Carl Leenhouwers

The Leenhouwers Collection
‘ Old Master Variations ‘

The Leenhouwers Collection shows the artwork of the classical painter Carl Leenhouwers. This is a diverse range of evolving oil paintings celebrating the old master aesthetic style that begun in 1984.

Carl has extensively studied the old master techniques and introduced into the art world an idea called ‘ old master variations. ‘ Since then pictures have been produced on a special commission basis for private collectors alongside exhibiting in various London west end galleries. The artist has appeared on television and in the press while being formerly endorsed by both Christies and Sotheby’s.

Carl has established his own unique academic style in classical realism. By using a variety of translations from old masters, photography, life study, imagination and abstraction. His work places beauty and refinement above everything else much like the romantic idealists and pre Raphaelites of the 19th century.

The Artist Statement

A fine art painting can take a long time to reveal itself. The connoisseurs of the past knew this and took their time viewing. Today our fast distracted eyes often find it hard with this inner perception.

So here are the gentle reminders. First relax and sit down comfortably. Then study and gaze at one of my paintings for a prolonged period. Slowly you will begin to see the surface relationships that give pleasure, as they constantly interact blending into a oneness. Going beyond this you will then enter into the realm of visual poetry. This is that rare, ‘ Formal Beauty ‘ or abstract condition; The essence of my picture making. Inviting the type of experience that can elevate and take you some where else.
The kind of classical art I make is similar to that of a classical musician. We interpret the spiritual echoes of the great artists and composers of the past.