Istrafel Dipsy or Poussin in Wales;
Fragment Nicolas Poussin 1594-1665
Exhibited Richmond Gallery; Cork Street London
Castle Lodge Ludlow; Albermarle Gallery London;
Oil on panel 361/4x24in (92x60.9cm) 1992

The Red Tent;
reference masters;
Leon Herbo 1850-1907
Herbert Draper 1863-1902
Claude Lorraine 1600-1682
Commissioned by thetentmerchant.com
oil on panel 35x62.5in (88.9x158.8cm)

God Child; Gift for Victoria in memory of
herself and Gemma; Variation after
Nicolas de Largilliere 1656-1746
Exhibited Castle Lodge Ludlow;
Oil on panel 45x35in (114.3x88.9cm) 1990